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Warning! Posting photos on line can be dangerous

Online safety is, for many of us, a big concern – particularly those of us who use the internet for banking and those of us with families. With the advances in technology and the growth of social media in recent years it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain online security, and one thing that you may not have noticed is that your devices are giving away your location to the whole internet on a regular basis. Regardless of whether you’re uploading holiday snaps or family photos you may want to consider repercussions of having your location broadcasted to the internet. Our helpful and informative video will not only help you to understand the potential risks involved in broadcasting your location, but will also help you to avoid these risks.

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21. 12. 2016 - The Biggest Cyber Threats Facing the United Kingdom and Europe.

The rise of Ransomware and the threat it poses to businesses Back in 2012, a major ransomware Trojan began terrorising...

Known as Reveton, this Trojan virus would lock a computer and request that a sum is paid immediately to unlock the computer.

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