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Corporate Security Services

SecTech are one of the UK's leading security service providers with a team of highly trained security officers. Our corporate security services include guarding and access control, CCTV, existing security systems audit as well as monitoring, analysis and reporting. 

We have a multitude of corporate clients, including major national and international companies. Many of their own security teams will request our expert teams as additional back up and support, knowing that they can rely on our highly trained individuals.

corporate security services

As well as our experienced team members, many security teams will meet with our staff here at Sec Tech UK for updated training and consultancy. Some of these company security teams may not have encountered specialist situations or complex circumstances before. It is likely that our highly knowledgeable security team will be able to offer some advice and guidance on this type of problem.

We offer advice and our extensive combined knowledge to smaller security teams within a company or business. Who does the Head of Security go to for a second opinion? Many of them contact Sec Tech UK because we can offer them a different viewpoint from outsider that has experience in the field. It also helps provide insurance and reassurance that the integrity of their security plan has been verified by an external specialist.

"Sec-Tech UK's aim is to deliver the highest standard of close protection, surveillance, investigation, security reviews, specialist security consultancy & advice and to become recognised and acknowledged as the UK's top provider of specialist, bespoke security solutions, discreetly, professionally and ethically”

22. 02. 2018 - Surveillance cameras at work.

If you think that your employees are stealing from you, you can install a hidden camera to catch them, can’t you.

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