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Asset Protection

We don't just protect people in our line of security work. We understand that people’s prized possessions can hold great sentimental value, especially if items are irreplaceable. Items we have been hired to protect in the past have included:

·         Art

·         Ancient Artefacts

·         Museum Pieces

·         Precious jewellery, gems and diamonds

·         Other valuables

·         Company and personal data

·         Sensitive documents

·         Evidence

We offer our protection services for anything that you can't afford to lose. Theft is becoming increasingly common and such so is the need to safeguard possessions and assets of value.

We can also aid in the safe transportation of these valuables and assets, providing you with our highly trained security staff, who will make sure your items are delivered in a secure and timely fashion.

Sec Tech UK can also assist in protecting your residence, offices, factories, plant and machinery. Residential security teams can look after your home when you're away ranging from one day to round the clock protection, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.




"Sec-Tech UK's aim is to deliver the highest standard of close protection, surveillance, investigation, security reviews, specialist security consultancy & advice and to become recognised and acknowledged as the UK's top provider of specialist, bespoke security solutions, discreetly, professionally and ethicallyā€¯

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