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Here at Sec Tech UK, the majority of our work is commercially sensitive and confidential, meaning we cannot disclose who we work for or the range of tasks we carry out. However our team has a depth of experience in providing effective yet unobtrusive personal security to a range of clients.

Our services have been used by numerous high profile clientele and VIPs. We have looked after overseas heads of state, overseas royalty, their properties and members of their family. In the sporting field, we have looked after seeded tennis players, premiership footballers, the owner of a British Superbike racing team and their families.

Some of our slightly less glamorous assignments have involved looking after insolvency practitioners and administrators when they've been called into companies in difficulty and it is considered that the situation may become hostile.

We've even looked after truck drivers when they've been assigned to take high value cargoes from UK warehouses to a variety of European destinations.

These are just some examples of individuals that we have worked with over the years and give an insight into the range of clients that we deal with on a daily basis. Many of our new clients and customers are recommended from business associates as well as friends and family. We pride ourselves on our outstanding reputation and it is a great pleasure when our clients want others to share in their experiences with Sec Tech UK. Repeat business is also a sure-fire sign that we are delivering on all promises made to our clients and continue to give them a high level of service they have come to expect from our specialised security teams.

Our current client base includes: Private Individuals, Corporate Security, Banks & Finance Houses, Family Offices, Museums and Collectors, Legal Profession, Insurance Companies, Road Hauliers, Venues, Victims of Fraud.

No matter how minor or major the risk may be, Sec Tech UK can offer you the protection you need in a discreet and trustworthy manner.

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"Sec-Tech UK's aim is to deliver the highest standard of close protection, surveillance, investigation, security reviews, specialist security consultancy & advice and to become recognised and acknowledged as the UK's top provider of specialist, bespoke security solutions, discreetly, professionally and ethically”

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