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The Kidnapping of Freddy Heineken

  Alfred Henry Heineken otherwise known as Freddy Heineken is best known for his involvement with the international brewing company Heineken. Freddy acted as chairman of the board of directors and CEO of the company from 1971 until 1989. He continued to sit on the board after his retirement until his death in 2002. At the time of his death Freddy Heineken was one of the wealthiest people in the Netherlands with a net worth of 9.5 billion guilders.
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Hargeisa – Somalilands Pirate Prison

Somalian pirates are hijackers of the sea, men who attack international shipping to obtain the goods for selling. In order to carry out the operation the Pirates uses Skiffs, small boats that can reach the ships in good time. Firearms are used to intimidate those on board the ship, causing them to slow down so that the pirates can board. They use small ladders that hook onto the ship to climb aboard and from here aim to gain access to the ships bridge, where they can gain control of the vessel. Pirates tend to be made up of different…
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Keeping Your Family Safe at the Fair

  Travelling fairs are great fun, they come once or twice a year and cause excitement amongst the locals. Whether you want to ride the teacups, get on board a waltzer, ride the bungee, play hook a duck or eat chips and candy floss there is something for everyone. Travelling fairs tend to vary in size, they can be quite small but if all of the fairs meet in one place you will find that…
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The Importance of Personal Security

Looking out for number one is paramount for ensuring personal security.  Whether this is keeping your finances safe, you’re home safe or yourself safe when out and about, at work or in your home. Feeling safe in your community is something that we all want and something that we don’t want to obsess over either.  Getting the balance right is important for ensuring that you do keep yourself out of harm’s way whilst ensuring that the process isn’t an effort. So just what needs to be covered when thinking about personal security?
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16. 04. 2020 - Do your kids have a ‘Safe Word?’.

On Monday this week there was an attempted kidnapping which failed because the kids’ parents had prepared for such an...

Briefly, an 11 year old boy and his 5 year old sister were riding their bikes when a car pulled along side them and the...

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