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‘Home Security Month’, what is it?

Despite The crime levels situated within households being at an all-time low along the UK, it still accounts for 6.8 million incidents (as of March 2015). According to the recording body Office for National Statistics, this still extremely high crime rate in both England and Wales was in fact a 7% in offences decrease from the previous year. This supposing lower estimation has been seen as a result of a risen Police figure against violence (23% more on the streets compared to last year).   A percentage decrease in offence was accompanied by a pleasing statistic of less robberies occurring. From…
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31. 03. 2020 - Locked down in Spain - Day #16.

(Published 31st March, 2020) We are now on day #16 of lockdown here in Spain.

Fortunately, I am in Tenerife which appears to be faring a lot better than the mainland from where the daily updates are...

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