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 How we protect our clients children without spoiling their fun

Were all concerned about the safety of our children, particularly when you hold a position that could potentially endanger them or you dont know exactly where they are and what theyre doing we have clients with similar concerns. The problem with keeping kids safe is that they often hate the intrusion on their time and freedom and consider it a destruction of their fun, however our expert team have experience in protecting your family, without obstructing their activities and spoiling their fun. If youre considering family protection, or youre just curious how it works this informative video, based on a true story from the Sec-Tech team, could provide you with a very interesting experience.

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16. 04. 2020 - Do your kids have a ‘Safe Word?’.

On Monday this week there was an attempted kidnapping which failed because the kids’ parents had prepared for such an...

Briefly, an 11 year old boy and his 5 year old sister were riding their bikes when a car pulled along side them and the...

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