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Staff Surveillance

One common requirement for surveillance is from HR Managers and Directors wishing to verify or otherwise an employee's availability and fitness for work when on sick leave. Sometimes our investigations confirm that the employee claiming sick pay is truly unfit for work and that their claim is legitimate. Sometimes it proves that the claim is false and they may be moonlighting. This evidence is invaluable to the client to defend their position especially should the parties end up at an Industrial Tribunal where the maximum payout for unfair dismissal can be as much as £72,300. In reality when the employer has photographic evidence to support their argument, claims rarely if ever reach the Tribunal.

Sometimes organisations may be required to gather evidence against companies, organisations or individuals who have behaved inappropriately toward them and to the detriment of their business. We have been employed to carry out surveillance and evidence gathering in cases of industrial espionage or sabotage where the consequences can be devastating. 

We are able to offer seasoned, experienced investigators, some ex Police, some former military surveillance operatives, who can conduct any aspect of covert investigation.

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