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The stereotypical image of a bodyguard, otherwise known as a close protection operative (CPO), is that of heavily set, bodybuilder type man dressed in a suit with sunglasses ready to fight off the paparazzi and crazy fans. This type of character is often portrayed in the media, as well as television and films. Some celebrities may even choose to have some of these individuals with them at award type shows, simply acting as props or fashion accessories. This is because the bodyguard’s presence indicates that celebrity is so important they need shielding or protecting and helps attract more attention or hype, especially when entering an event.

This caricature is far removed from the real close protection individual and does not truly represent the professional service that we deliver to our clients. We are dedicated to providing a discreet and efficient security service. Our approach is always to ensure that minimal attention is drawn to our clients as we go about our business of protecting them and their loved ones.

There is always a thorough planning process to from start to finish of each protection detail. It is documented to ensure that any risk is mitigated down to the absolute minimum. The correct approach and resources for any protective assignment is carefully assessed by intelligence gathered to evaluate the risks from potential threats.

Here at Sec Tech UK we always provide discreet, specialised and confidential protection services. With minimal disruption to both the client’s private and professional life, our trained experts deliver both security and peace of mind to our clients. All our close protection operative are skilled professionals and tend to be sourced from military or police backgrounds. This means that they are experienced in handling dangerous and volatile situations.

The greatest compliment our service received was from one of our clients saying "I don't know what I pay you for, nothing ever happens". Our job is to ensure nothing ever happens to put you or your loved ones at risk, so this type of response means we are excellent at doing just that.

We spend a great deal of time understanding the type of lifestyle and routine that our clients have on a day to day basis. This allows us to carefully plan and create relevant contingencies to help minimise the potential threats and risks. By only employing experienced individuals, our teams can always provide professional security solutions.

Close Protection Services aren’t just for celebrities, the rich and famous or high net worth individuals. We provide security and peace of mind for companies, families and individuals. When there is a real risk from a threat, businesses and organisations have a duty of care to their employees and ensure that they safe at all times.

An example of this requirement is the fact that our services are regularly employed by insolvency practitioners (IPs) and administrators to look after their staff. When dealing with business administrations and liquidations, the situation can become hostile. Their employers know that their staff can be seen as unwelcome visitors to a company or organisation that is in financial difficulties.

Whether you require a single operative or a larger scale close protection team, we will be happy to accommodate your needs and provide you with world class service. You can always rely on Sec Tech UK for a truly professional security experience.  


"Sec-Tech UK's aim is to deliver the highest standard of close protection, surveillance, investigation, security reviews, specialist security consultancy & advice and to become recognised and acknowledged as the UK's top provider of specialist, bespoke security solutions, discreetly, professionally and ethicallyā€¯

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