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Don’t sacrifice this man on the altar of political correctness: COLONEL TIM COLLINS believes the convicted Marine deserves some understanding

This article written by Colonel Tim Collins appeared in today’s Daily Mail. What immense reasoning the Colonel shows. <<< Article begins >>> Don’t sacrifice this man on the altar of political correctness: COLONEL TIM COLLINS believes the convicted Marine deserves some understanding The outpouring of fury and demands for the harshest possible sentence for Marine A are all too predictable. At last the politically correct lobby, which remains blissfully ignorant of the horrendous realities of combat, have a victim. Marine A can expect little support or understanding from them. Does he deserve understanding? Of course he does. In my view a man who endured…

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Tulisa Kidnap

The home of Tulisa Contostavlos was the source of more drama when police apprehended two men following claims that she was about to be kidnapped. Officers raced to sprawling Hertfordshire mansion Edge House after they were spotted ‘acting suspiciously’ outside the gated property on Wednesday evening. It’s understood that an emergency call was placed from inside the mock-Georgian spread, leading to four police cars and a dog unit racing to the scene in the early hours of the morning. The men in question are understood to have been driving a ‘dark coloured car’ around 25-year-old Tulisa’s £6 million home, prompting fears that…

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6 in 10 crimes are never investigated…

• Sir Peter Fahy says officers have to concentrate on most serious crimes • Chief Constable likened policy to the NHS treating the most sick • Critics warn that ignoring most crimes will damage public faith in police Six out of every ten crimes reported to one of Britain’s biggest police forces are not properly investigated, its chief has admitted. Greater Manchester’s officers only ‘actively pursue’ criminals in 40 per cent of cases reported to them, its chief constable said, with detectives effectively shelving or ‘screening out’ the rest because there are no witnesses or clues. It means that more than 106,000 crimes in…

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Why criminals love Twitter and Facebook

The Daily Mail reported today that Coronation Street star Helen Flanagan was left terrified as three armed raiders broke into her house and stole jewellery and mobile phone after she tweeted she was home alone • Three men broke into her home in Alderley Edge, Cheshire, last night • Hours before hand she wrote on Twitter that she was home alone • Thieves burst into her property shortly before midnight last night It appears that Helen Flanagan may have come unstuck on Twitter after letting slip that she was at home without her footballer boyfriend Scott Sinclair. Hours later, three men wielding a screwdriver…

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Security Measures for Your Home

Keeping your home safe is the number one priority for everybody especially if they have children because it is the main way in which you can go home and feel relieved and comforted. First make sure that you have adequate lighting outside every entry way possible. You can buy a motion censored set of lights at most hardware places. This can be set to cover a certain range and is recommended that you install one at every exit doorway to your house, however the main places are the front and back door. If you have quite a large fence around the…

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G8 Security Duty

It has come to the attention of the world that almost 3,000 police officers have volunteered for G8 security duty. The police service of Northern Ireland says the large some of officers from forces in Britain have volunteered to be part of the massively important G8 summit in June. This is the largest security operation the PNSI has ever mounted, the leaders of the world are going to gather for two days at Lough Erne golf resort in Fermanagh. It will be the first time that the annual summit has been held in the United Kingdom since 2005 when it was…

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Is it legal to ‘Spy on your staff?’

Some might argue that ‘spying on your staff’ breaks the implied trust and confidence between the Employer and the Employee however Surveillance of Staff is a perfectly legal, lawful and legitimate tactic to employ in order to protect your business against those members of staff who have broken that implied trust and confidence and also to protect the 99% of good and loyal employees whose jobs may be jeopardised by those minority who take liberties and burden the company with unfair costs. Below are some examples of legal precedents where surveillance has been used successfully by companies to protect themselves. McGowan…

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Detective Found Guilty in Hacking Scandal

A top British detective was this week found guilty of trying to sell information to a Rupert Murdoch tabloid and therefore becoming the first conviction of the charges to the major phone hacking scandal since a police investigation which happened 2 years ago. The detective, April Casburn who is a top counterterrorism detective was charged with misconduct for phoning the News of the World and offering to pass on information about whether London’s police force would reopen the stalled phone-hacking investigation. Despite the phone call, the police have stated that no tabloid printed any story on the subject and…

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Personal Safety Tips

Your Everyday Personal Safety Tips You will be aware from watching the local and national news just how often mugging and assault can happen.  You may one day find out how important it is to be armed with a few tips on self safety and protecting yourself. These few tips can lead to prevention of falling victim to crime. When the robber wants a possession, give the possession up. You can replace a purse or a car however not a life. Just give the possession over and make sure to get a very good description of them so you can feed…

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Football Ground Security

What security does not let you take into a football ground… After the large vuvuzela craze in the South African World Cup back in 2010, many complaints were made from players and managers which led to the banning of the instruments in football grounds and can be confiscated. Football ground security staff has banned many unusual items in the past and very noticeably the capital of English football, Wembley for example. No instruments are now allowed to be taken into the ground and this includes the typical football crowd noises like trumpets and drums. Security staff and stewards also now confiscate…

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28. 05. 2019 - Smartphones. Are they sometimes too smart?.

A very interesting thing happened to a friend of mine last week when they took ownership of their new Smartphone.

As a general rule, they never allow their mobile phone to access their location unless they're using Google Maps to help...

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