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What is Residential Security?

Being safe in your own home may seem obvious but there are sometimes risks for those HNWIs (High Net Worth Individuals), celebrities and other significant members of society. (more…)

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Securing Your Front Door

Securing your home is important wherever you are but when living in large and busy cities like London, residential security is paramount. (more…)

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What do your window boxes say about you?

Last week whilst discussing security matters with a Family Office, I told them of a client we have whose London residence had the most beautiful window boxes that you could imagine. The issue was that the day before the client came to London, whatever time of year, a team of florists/gardeners would turn up at the house and adorn the window boxes and hanging baskets with flowers. Whilst the house manager was delighted because it was so welcoming for the client, we explained that he may as well place advertisements in the London Evening Gazette announcing that the client…

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Securing the worlds of the wealthy

It’s fair to say that nobody would go out of their house and leave their windows and doors open, or hand over their PIN number and their bank account details to a complete stranger. Yet while many of us know the obvious and more fundamental ways of keeping themselves and their property safe, the truth of the matter is that every day our lives are full of potential risks which we are blissfully unaware of. For those in the public eye or with a high profile, it’s even more important not only to be alerted to these risks but to…

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Tulisa Kidnap

The home of Tulisa Contostavlos was the source of more drama when police apprehended two men following claims that she was about to be kidnapped. Officers raced to sprawling Hertfordshire mansion Edge House after they were spotted ‘acting suspiciously’ outside the gated property on Wednesday evening. It’s understood that an emergency call was placed from inside the mock-Georgian spread, leading to four police cars and a dog unit racing to the scene in the early hours of the morning. The men in question are understood to have been driving a ‘dark coloured car’ around 25-year-old Tulisa’s £6 million home, prompting fears that…

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Why criminals love Twitter and Facebook

The Daily Mail reported today that Coronation Street star Helen Flanagan was left terrified as three armed raiders broke into her house and stole jewellery and mobile phone after she tweeted she was home alone • Three men broke into her home in Alderley Edge, Cheshire, last night • Hours before hand she wrote on Twitter that she was home alone • Thieves burst into her property shortly before midnight last night It appears that Helen Flanagan may have come unstuck on Twitter after letting slip that she was at home without her footballer boyfriend Scott Sinclair. Hours later, three men wielding a screwdriver…

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Edinburgh police to crack down on violence

Scottish police have vowed to crack down on crime in the capital and launched an initiative targeting crime within the famous historic city centre to take place over the up and coming festive period. The plan named Operation Astrodome which is entering its fifth year of action is the Lothian and Borders Police response to the huge rise in numbers of people expected to visit the popular city over the Christmas weeks. Edinburgh is a very popular town and is expected to play host to many tourists and visitors in the next few weeks. Additionally to Operation Astrodome, the Lothian…

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The Importance of Security

You might think that security isn’t as needed as it could be, that you are safe and nothing is going to happen to you, if you think like this it could be that you’re just foolishly optimistic. In these times when money is short and employment is low people are becoming desperate and the number of people turning to crime is increasing. In particular this involves the number of people planning crimes against important and wealthy people. People aren’t stupid and the media has influenced people to understand some of the ways in which police work and investigation work is…

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