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6 in 10 crimes are never investigated…

• Sir Peter Fahy says officers have to concentrate on most serious crimes • Chief Constable likened policy to the NHS treating the most sick • Critics warn that ignoring most crimes will damage public faith in police Six out of every ten crimes reported to one of Britain’s biggest police forces are not properly investigated, its chief has admitted. Greater Manchester’s officers only ‘actively pursue’ criminals in 40 per cent of cases reported to them, its chief constable said, with detectives effectively shelving or ‘screening out’ the rest because there are no witnesses or clues. It means that more than 106,000 crimes in…

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28. 05. 2019 - Smartphones. Are they sometimes too smart?.

A very interesting thing happened to a friend of mine last week when they took ownership of their new Smartphone.

As a general rule, they never allow their mobile phone to access their location unless they're using Google Maps to help...

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