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Edinburgh police to crack down on violence

Scottish police have vowed to crack down on crime in the capital and launched an initiative targeting crime within the famous historic city centre to take place over the up and coming festive period. The plan named Operation Astrodome which is entering its fifth year of action is the Lothian and Borders Police response to the huge rise in numbers of people expected to visit the popular city over the Christmas weeks. Edinburgh is a very popular town and is expected to play host to many tourists and visitors in the next few weeks. Additionally to Operation Astrodome, the Lothian…

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Why A High Quality Security Company Should Employ Ex-Police

When threatened most U.K. citizens will immediately ring the police. They are the force we trust when we feel endangered. And with good cause. Our police force is trained to respond correctly to danger. They will know how to act and what to do in dangerous situations. Unfortunately they cannot respond to everything. Not every event warrants police security, even if it is an event or gathering of people or items that might attract problems. At this point many individuals or corporations will look to hire a private security company. And there are plenty of options available. Fact of the…

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Frail Pensioners vs Samurai Swords

Can the police tell the difference between frail pensioners and young men carrying samurai swords? Andy speaks to London’s Biggest Conversation 97.3 about the recent tasering of a 62 year old registered blind man by a police officer in the search for a young man carrying a samurai sword. It is alleged that the officer mistook the man’s white stick for the sword. Colin Farmer, after no warning, was stunned by an officer who was searching for…

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