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Hacker gang used tiny screen-grabbing ‘bug’ installed by bogus repairman in audacious cyber-heist plot to steal millions from Santander bank

• Police have arrested 12 men in connection with the alleged attack • The device transmits what’s on a computer desktop to a remote viewer An ‘audacious’ plot to siphon millions of pounds from a bank, using a device installed on one of its computers by a fake maintenance worker, has been smashed, police said today. A gang targeted a Santander branch in Surrey Quays, London, and installed a gizmo on one of the computers that allowed the contents of the screen to be viewed remotely. The hackers were hoping to use highly sensitive information displayed on the computer to access accounts and…

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Why criminals love Twitter and Facebook

The Daily Mail reported today that Coronation Street star Helen Flanagan was left terrified as three armed raiders broke into her house and stole jewellery and mobile phone after she tweeted she was home alone • Three men broke into her home in Alderley Edge, Cheshire, last night • Hours before hand she wrote on Twitter that she was home alone • Thieves burst into her property shortly before midnight last night It appears that Helen Flanagan may have come unstuck on Twitter after letting slip that she was at home without her footballer boyfriend Scott Sinclair. Hours later, three men wielding a screwdriver…

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Is it legal to ‘Spy on your staff?’

Some might argue that ‘spying on your staff’ breaks the implied trust and confidence between the Employer and the Employee however Surveillance of Staff is a perfectly legal, lawful and legitimate tactic to employ in order to protect your business against those members of staff who have broken that implied trust and confidence and also to protect the 99% of good and loyal employees whose jobs may be jeopardised by those minority who take liberties and burden the company with unfair costs. Below are some examples of legal precedents where surveillance has been used successfully by companies to protect themselves. McGowan…

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Detective Found Guilty in Hacking Scandal

A top British detective was this week found guilty of trying to sell information to a Rupert Murdoch tabloid and therefore becoming the first conviction of the charges to the major phone hacking scandal since a police investigation which happened 2 years ago. The detective, April Casburn who is a top counterterrorism detective was charged with misconduct for phoning the News of the World and offering to pass on information about whether London’s police force would reopen the stalled phone-hacking investigation. Despite the phone call, the police have stated that no tabloid printed any story on the subject and…

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Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson WILL Face Court

• Four News International staff to be charged with conspiracy • Crown Prosecution Service said that five people are to face action as part of Operation Elveden • The others are former News of the World royal correspondent Clive Goodman, former Sun chief reporter John Kay and Ministry of Defence employee Bettina Jordan-Barber • 52 people have been arrested as part of Operation Elveden, two of whom have been told they will face no further action • Goodman and Coulson face charges relating to payments to public officials for information including the ‘Green Book’ royal phone directory • Brooks and Kay to be charged…

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The Importance of Security

You might think that security isn’t as needed as it could be, that you are safe and nothing is going to happen to you, if you think like this it could be that you’re just foolishly optimistic. In these times when money is short and employment is low people are becoming desperate and the number of people turning to crime is increasing. In particular this involves the number of people planning crimes against important and wealthy people. People aren’t stupid and the media has influenced people to understand some of the ways in which police work and investigation work is…

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Cyber Crime – Is your business a target?

Cyber crime is a big issue in the world today as the dependence on computers and technology grows, but how to you know if your business is at risk? How can you tell if you are a prospective victim? It is important that you recognise the threat to companies as well as to individuals, and understanding the target is the first step. A common misconception that people arrive at through logic would usually be that large companies or important individuals with a lot of money and financial information would be the primary targets. This is false. The truth of the…

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