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Peace of mind makes shopping so much more enjoyable for our clients.

One of our UHNW clients, a successful overseas businessman, visits London between twelve and twenty times a year on business. When he does we collect him and his advisors at the airport and stay with them for the duration of their visit discreetly keeping any threats at bay so they can go about their business safely and free from any unwelcome distractions. In November last year he decided to bring his wife and two young children along so that they could go shopping in the capital. His wife is very low profile and in reality no-one would recognise her except…

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How we protect our clients’ children without spoiling their fun.

Last summer one of our UHNW clients gave us an interesting challenge. Their teenage daughter at boarding school in the UK wanted to go on the end of term class cycling trip. The trip was to be around 30 miles, starting and finishing at the school and would take around six hours stopping for a packed lunch around midday. Because of who the girl’s father is there was a real risk of kidnap and ransom and therefore her father stated that she would only be allowed to go on the day’s cycling trip if there were security present to ensure…

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What do your window boxes say about you?

Last week whilst discussing security matters with a Family Office, I told them of a client we have whose London residence had the most beautiful window boxes that you could imagine. The issue was that the day before the client came to London, whatever time of year, a team of florists/gardeners would turn up at the house and adorn the window boxes and hanging baskets with flowers. Whilst the house manager was delighted because it was so welcoming for the client, we explained that he may as well place advertisements in the London Evening Gazette announcing that the client…

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6 in 10 crimes are never investigated…

• Sir Peter Fahy says officers have to concentrate on most serious crimes • Chief Constable likened policy to the NHS treating the most sick • Critics warn that ignoring most crimes will damage public faith in police Six out of every ten crimes reported to one of Britain’s biggest police forces are not properly investigated, its chief has admitted. Greater Manchester’s officers only ‘actively pursue’ criminals in 40 per cent of cases reported to them, its chief constable said, with detectives effectively shelving or ‘screening out’ the rest because there are no witnesses or clues. It means that more than 106,000 crimes in…

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"Sec-Tech UK's aim is to deliver the highest standard of close protection, surveillance, investigation, security reviews, specialist security consultancy & advice and to become recognised and acknowledged as the UK's top provider of specialist, bespoke security solutions, discreetly, professionally and ethically”

08. 07. 2020 - Are you looking to sell your security company?.

We are an established (2006) profitable company and we are currently looking for security companies to acquire.

Ideally those companies would have a turnover of under £5m and be based within 100 miles of London.

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