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Personal security is of the upmost importance to ensure that we remain safe. Advances in technology have helped contribute to our safety but unfortunately it has at times also made it easier for people to invade in our private lives.  There have been numerous cases of security breaches where peoples private lives have been hacked whether it be through their webcam or personal accounts. It is therefore important to take the best possible measure to protect your personal information and keep it from others.

Geotagging although not the biggest security threat you could think of one still worth preventing. It is the automatic tagging of the destination in which a photograph is taken. If uploaded onto the internet it is possible for others to see the point at which the photo was taken and even see which room a person is in. This is quite concerning as it allows anybody to see your whereabouts and can put you in danger if others are looking for you.

All smart phones come with a built in camera and if a photograph is taken geotagging will automatically be included. Living in an online society it is only natural for us to share our photographs and experience on our favourite websites but in order to stay safe we must be more careful. There is no need to come away from this article believing that you are now in danger and that you must never upload another photo onto the internet. There is a solution and it’s fairly straight forward.

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Geotagging can be turned off in your smart phones settings. Simply go to settings, privacy and location services. Switch location services to off and Geotagging can no longer take place when taking a picture.  The solution is simple and the benefits are great.  You can now take pictures of your jewellery, cars, pets and children without the worry that others will know where something is stored or where your children live and go to school.

Remember that the online world as fascinating and exciting as it is, is also a dangerous world and one that must be used with caution.

Monday, May 30th, 2016 by charliestelling Security

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