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Personal security is of the upmost importance to ensure that we remain safe. Advances in technology have helped contribute to our safety but unfortunately it has at times also made it easier for people to invade in our private lives.  There have been numerous cases of security breaches where peoples private lives have been hacked whether it be through their webcam or personal accounts. It is therefore important to take the best possible measure to protect your personal information and keep it…
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What Is A Family Office?

A family office is a private company that manages and supports the organisation and maintenance of a family’s wealth. They offer a wide range of services to families however there are few companies that will provide you with everything you want. It is therefore important to make sure that you find a company who can fully assist you with your needs and expectations. A family office can manage everything from administrative services, investment management, wealth transfer, tax services, family meetings and even social aspects such as holidays and days out.
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31. 03. 2020 - Locked down in Spain - Day #16.

(Published 31st March, 2020) We are now on day #16 of lockdown here in Spain.

Fortunately, I am in Tenerife which appears to be faring a lot better than the mainland from where the daily updates are...

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